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Tracy Bitz, PMHNP



Tracy Bitz


I am passionate about collaborating with individuals to decrease the suffering and increase the meaning and joy in their lives.

I offer medication support (consultation and prescribing with supportive counseling) for adults age 18-65. I encourage everyone considering or taking medications to work with a therapist if at all possible and I would be delighted to collaborate with them and anyone else on your care team. In some cases I can provide therapy and medications together.

I specialize in working with those who feel like too much, not enough, and who don't fit neatly into a mold. My style is relational; authentic and supportive, but direct. I believe people get the most of out of their healthcare when they feel seen, understood, and when their priorities, strengths and values are centered. Together, we can clarify your experiences and goals, decide what tools to use, and travel the course of healing together.

Taking medications (or reducing or stopping them) can often be a complicated decision and most of us bring history and feelings as well as strong social and cultural influences to the table. I can help in making sense of the choices and rationale, navigating the experience, and parsing the thoughts and emotions.

I use a variety of tools and strategies in addition to medications. I believe it is crucial to explore how wider social and cultural forces including power and oppression impact how our mental health is experienced, defined, and treated. I have been influenced by the harm reduction movement, the anti-oppressive practice and trauma informed care models, postmodern psychotherapy modalities, and cognitive therapy styles like ACT and DBT.

I practice from a weight inclusive perspective. I have a special interest and training in working with people recovering from body hatred and disordered eating and/or individuals with larger bodies looking to receive mental health care that includes an understanding of the negative consequences of weight stigma. I am LGBTQIA affirming. I won’t always get things right, but I am committed to humility, lifelong learning, and honoring the wisdom and autonomy of my clients.

I have over 15 years experience working professionally in the mental health field, collaborating with and supporting individuals and groups around healing from issues like trauma, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol concerns, and the stress of living in a world that is hostile to your body, identity, or brain. I did my nursing training at UCSF and have been a nationally board certified Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner since 2010. A prototypical west coaster, I love coffee, gardening, and talking about feelings. I would love to hear your story.

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