Calico Mental Health Associates

Participatory Care

Participatory Care

Because wellness and healing are not passively achieved, we partner with our clients to design personally meaningful/tailored care based on individual needs, values and preferences. Active client participation is essential to the recovery of wellness and to the maintenance of lifelong health. This partnership is at the heart of Participatory Care.

What Participatory care looks like for Clients…

  • Identifying what your specific goals are for treatment
  • Asking for what you want in treatment or changing your mind about it
  • Following your own values, standards and spiritual beliefs
  • Choosing who you want with you at doctor or provider appointments
  • Seeking a second opinion without being penalized
  • Refusing medications and treatments that are unacceptable to you
  • Being uniquely yourself and allow yourself to change and grow

What you can expect from providers…

  • Listening carefully to everything you say and answer your questions
  • Being hopeful and encouraging
  • Planning your treatment based on what you want and need
  • Teaching you tools for self-management
  • Knowing about and be willing to try new or different ways of helping you feel better
  • Being willing to talk with other healthcare professionals, your family members, and friends, about your problems and what can be done about them, if you want them to