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E. Gabrielle Rosengarten

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I am a seasoned, board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner licensed in the states of Oregon and Washington to provide psychiatric and mental health care to persons 13 and older. I have a specialization in Medical Anthropology from Oxford University, United Nations certificates in peace building, conflict transformation and post-war recovery and have worked extensively in different countries, languages and with different cultures. In the past, I’ve worked as Director of Advanced Practice Care and Education for the Global Psychiatry Department of the Massachusetts General Hospital, Chief of Psychiatry at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates and Director of Clinical Operations for the Center of Excellence in Co-Occurring Medicine.

I hold a private practice called MIND HUB (short for Medical Institute of Neuroplastic Development: Holistically Understanding the Brain) in Southwest Portland that is a member of Calico Mental Health Associates. There, I evaluate, diagnose, and when necessary prescribe medications to help a wide variety of mental health disorders associated to emotional suffering and/or instability, anxiety, psychotic symptoms, substance abuse and/or issues with concentration. My practice doesn’t only aim to identify and ease what ails patients however, it also focuses on helping them find meaning in their experience, reconnect with and further develop inner strengths and make a plan to better handle life’s curve balls moving forward.

Every individual is genetically, biologically and psychologically unique. In order to best help, I therefore first try to understand the neurological and psychological connections that make up their unique perspective. I work closely with patients to find what medications will suit them best and are least likely to cause them side effects, adverse reactions or discomforts upon discontinuation. I aim to prescribe the least amount of medication needed to help the issue(s) at hand and will gladly help patients safely come off medications that are no longer needed, wanted or sufficiently helpful. Thanks to the brain’s ability to rewire itself, it’s only natural that its need for medication may change during the course of treatment, which is why re-evaluating this need regularly is a top priority.

I operate from a holistic point of view, keeping in mind that lifestyle, environment and our perceptions are key players in determining our biology and emotional wellness. Everyone has a unique perception of the world and of themselves, as well as their own values, beliefs, experiences and concepts of what would lead them to a happier life. I incorporate a certain amount of psychotherapy in the care I provide to catalyze healing and strongly believe in my patients being full partners in their treatment and well informed as to the processes that underlie their discomforts and options for betterment.

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