Calico Mental Health Associates

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Health care coding is based on many different variables, including length of visit, level of complexity, and type of service being provided.  It often involves a combination of various codes.  How much you pay will also depend on your particular insurance plan (if you are using one) and the reimbursement rates that are stipulated in the contract.  So that you might budget accordingly, we have provided a list of commonly used codes and associated fees.  However, we do not know in advance which specific codes will be appropriate for your visit.  Please anticipate that if you see a provider on an ongoing basis you will receive a range of charges over time.  

We know that this can start to feel quite complicated, so if questions arise about charges, or if you’d like help understanding your insurance plan and benefits, please give our practice support team a call at 503-914-5229 and they can walk you through it.  

Service Fee
Intake evaluation $345
Intake evaluation, lengthy/complicated $435
Medication Management with psychotherapy (20-35 minutes total) $295 - $365
Medication management with psychotherapy (40-52 minutes total) $330 - $400
Medication management only
$155 - $305
Psychotherapy only, 45-55 minutes

Telephone consultation (not usually covered by insurance)
5-10 minutes
11-20 minutes
21-30 minutes

Written documents (per 15 min)
Missed Appointment or Late Cancel (less than 24 business hrs notice)
Missed Appointment or Late Cancel for New Client Intake Evaluation
Returned check fee
Account past due (fee applied each month past 60 days) $20

There are several services that Calico elects not to charge for: the occasional short phone call with client, coordination of care with client’s other providers, an occasional special document requiring less than 10 minutes.