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About Us

At Calico Mental Health Associates, we maintain the individualized feel of private practice while sharing administrative resources and an emotionally connected and nurturing peer group.

We believe that clients are entitled to personalized care in a warm environment. Our model of professional support and encouragement allows us to provide high quality, “relationship first” participatory care in private practice settings.

The Calico approach to care

  • Calico offers collaborative, supportive and respectful mental health care that acknowledges the whole person.

  • We know that people can and do recover from mental illness and addiction with the proper support.

  • We are skilled at getting the big picture of a person’s concerns, drawing from a range of evidence-based modalities to help our clients become captains of their lifelong wellness journey.

  • When a client’s needs go beyond our experience or scope, or when specialization is needed, we are committed to supporting clients and coordinating with other providers to get the care that is needed.

  • Our administrative team keeps our clients’ best interests at heart. No one has to navigate an automated system to make an appointment with us. Instead, our well-trained frontline team assists clients with compassion and skill.


Our inspiration

Calico Mental Health Associates was formed by Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners Erin O’Leary and Todd Karakashian, and Practice Manager Amber Flores. The three saw a need for a new approach to independent practice after seeing private practice become harder to manage for clinicians, and harder to access by clients.


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The value of the private practice experience

Many clients prefer to be seen in personalized environments, rather than sterile or impersonal clinics. Many providers prefer to work in this kind of environment, too.

The harried and impersonal atmosphere of many clinics often does not promote growth and healing, and is not often the ideal setting for authentic connection. Slower, warmer, and more intimate settings make it much more possible to really understand a client and their struggles.

The struggle of running solo private practices

Independent practices in private settings are therefore very rewarding. However, it has become increasingly difficult to manage the complicated administrative, technological, and legal requirements of a healthcare business (of any size).

For too many, trying to manage all of this on top of client care makes it almost impossible to maintain our own wellness, and we cannot be effective partners in wellness if we cannot successfully tend to our own health.

To solve these seemingly irreconcilable conflicts, some clinicians choose to see only private-pay clients.  While this may work well as a business model, it is an exclusive approach to providing care. The larger community loses out on experiencing personalized care in private practice settings.

Calico strives to serve clients and clinicians better

This was the scenario that inspired us to start Calico Associates. We decided to create a business structure where we could work in private practice settings, but with a system of administrative support behind the scenes to allow us to focus on client relationships and effective care.  

In this way we believe that we can improve the quality of care in our community. Calico makes this important model of care more available to those in need, and it helps the clinicians providing it to feel more connected, supported, and able to sustain their own health and well-being.

We maintain a commitment to providing compassionate, whole-person care to clients, as well as to ourselves and to our colleagues.