Calico Mental Health Associates

Amber Flores


operations Director

Amber Flores


I’ve been in the administrative field for over twenty years, working for a variety of different industries. For the past ten years, I have owned and operated an administrative support and personal organizing business. Through this I had the pleasure of working with a variety of mental health providers in addition to alternative care providers, artists, and small business owners.

Supporting mental health providers and clients is extremely meaningful for me. I personally feel that mental health is an essential part of one’s overall health.  Being able to support the community I live in by cultivating the culture in our admin team at Calico brings me much joy and contributes to my own mental health and well-being.

Admins are a patient’s first impression of a practice; our team strives to be kind, non-judgmental, patient, and compassionate. We understand that it can be hard for people to make those calls searching for a provider to help them. It’s tough to tell a thumbnail sketch to an admin you’ve never met before, feeling emotional and vulnerable. Trusting us to do so is not taken lightly and we are honored to be here for our community. It is our job as the frontline to help you feel safe and invited.

Providing support to our PMHNP’s is just as fulfilling and meaningful.  Having a rock star admin team allows our providers to have the time and space to support their clients best.  

We do our utmost to provide that personal, compassionate, kind, approachable feel for both patients and providers.